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16150 Golden Eagle Ct NW, Bemidji, MN 56601 * 218-243-3230 *

Welcome to Letson’s Landing Custom Floating Dock Systems!

*New! In addition to our floating docks we also now offer a variety of Wave Armor docks, rafts, and accessories!

Our floating docks are made out of durable treated lumber, fittings and foam floats.

We can manufacture any combination of boat slips and shapes to fit your specific needs.

They can be connected in multiple ways to create L’s, T’s, piers, etc. and are heavy duty, long lasting units.

We offer many options for putting a durable dock system in place at your home, resort or business.

Our docks are adaptable to both easy  access and hard-to-access waterfront properties.

The commercial grade construction makes these docks extremely stable in all types of weather and in many locations.

Many of them do not need to be removed from the water during the winter months.





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